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  • What is the different about the 3 PhiLashes Adhesive?
    Elite lash adhesive: is for intermediate level. Drying time for Elite is 3-4 seconds.Retention is 4-6 weeks. Beyond lash adhesive: is for professional level. Drying time is 1-2 seconds.Retention is 5-6 weeks. Sapphire lash adhesive: expert level, professional use. Ideal for high skill and fast hand last technician. Drying time 1+ second. Retention is 6-7 weeks. You need to check your humidity and tempeatur. The ideal humidity is between 50 – 60 % and the ideal temperature is between 18 – 22 Degree Celsius and should not be higher than 24 Degree Celsius. settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Do i need to start from the Basic Training, if I already have experience in doing eyelashes with another company."
    No in this case you don’t need to start from the Basic Course but you will need to send us a proof of your certificates with the academy you did the training with or photos of your work.
  • Can I become a royal artist after being graduated in Basic Classic Eyelash extensions with Philashes?
    No, you cannot , you need to take the Russian volume course in order to have the Chance of becoming a Royal artist.
  • How can I become a Royal Artist?
    After graduating in Beginner Russian volume or Russian volume (for USA and Canada) you need to wait minimum 6 months to have the Chance of becoming a royal artist. After graduating in Advanced Russian volume, you need to wait minimum 3 months to have the Chance of becoming a Royal artist. In addition to that, you need to be active on our Philashes world forum with very good posts of your eyelash extensions work , help the students become better, continuously supporting them and giving them advices of how to get better, always reply on time to their questions related to your work etc.
  • How can i become a Master?
    In order to become a master you need certain steps to climb . You have to become a royal artist, after that be a master assistant in order to reach this title. The become a Master, takes so much more than just a perfect , flawless work , it needs special skills that all of us as Masters are looking for. Patience : dealing with different characters, nationalities, religions , takes a lot of effort and patience to be able to deal with the students. Diplomacy: to be able to know how to answer to your students or to good or bad reviews on the social media Discretion: understand the importance of certain subjects within the academy or between students that should be dealt with discretion Punctuality : you’ll be needing to reply to your students on time, to report to your scheduled trainings always on time, making sure that everything is ready and well ahead prepared Responsibility: working with a big company like Phi academy where changes and rules and regulations happen often, you need to be always responsible of your duties towards the company and your students. Devotion: last but definitely not least, love and devotion to your work, students and to the Academy .
  • Do I need to attand all 3 PhiLashes Trainings to become a Master?
    Not necessarily, but you need to graduate at least our Russian volume courses and to be able to know all the Philashes techniques that we teach.
  • Which Course is suitable for me?
    Based on your experience and the quality of your work , your master will decide which course is most appropriate for you.
  • What is the difference between Classic and Volume Technique?
    Classic eyelash extensions teaches you the art of applying one single eyelash extension on to one single natural lash. Classic volume is a more natural look, a mascara effect. You can only apply eyelash extensions on as many natural eyelashes your customers has. Volume eyelash extensions teaches you the art applying 2 up to 8 or more eyelash extensions on one single natural lash. Russian volume is a more advanced technique that needs previous experience in Classic eyelash extensions .
  • What is the difference between online and live training?
    One of the differences is that in live training you receive a certificate of attendance while if you subscribe for online, you will not receive it . In live training you get to practice directly on a live model while in online you have certain levels to pass before reaching to work on a live model In live Training to get group experience, sharing each one tips and tricks together with your master and as well you get to learn from other people mistakes.
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